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Treatbox UK – Monthly Subscription Box

I’m weak when it comes to subscription boxes. I mean, who doesn’t love getting a monthly box of goodies? There are so many options out there these days, but in today’s post I will be talking about the Treatbox UK subscription box! It’s a little box of lifestyle treats, that really offer a little bit of everything. They have monthly boxes, as well as build your own boxes, which I think is fab, because it allows you to choose what you truly want.

This is my second box, and this month’s theme was France. You know, they won the World Cup? (yes I watched the World Cup!). I was super happy when Treatbox approached me to review their box, because from my previous box I just knew I’d love it even before I’d get it. The box is super affordable starting at only £12 for monthly deliveries, and you get a good share of products. I can’t get over how the whole idea & box itself is cute. I’m a sucker for cuteness. The box is letter box friendly, and is packaged very carefully, with tissue paper and a cute sticker (am I being too cute?).

Inside the Box

So let’s get into the fun stuff, what’s inside the box! A lot of goodies.

First off we have a gorgeous “hello beautiful” 4 x 6″ picture frame. I’m always happy to get picture frames, because I love having memories in forms of photos all around my house.  RRP £7.50

Polka Dot mini coin purse. I actually needed one of these for ages! So thank you Treatbox. I find these little coin purses perfect for travelling, or when you’re going out and don’t want to take your whole purse. I always buy them for people as gifts on holiday, but I actually don’t have one myself, well now I do! RRP £3.50

“La Vie Est Belle” cookie. Yupp, can’t ever complain with receiving treats, never. Who doesn’t love a good biscuit and tea? After all, we are in Britain. Simple biscuit with icing is a lovely self care treat for an afternoon ‘slow down’ session. RRP £2.99

Badges! Let’s go old school. I remember back in primary school everyone would be into badges, even making your own with the little kids badge making machines (no? just me?). These two cute lil’ badges are a perfect size to decorate purses, bags, or even style out your fave jean jacket. RRP 2.50

“A la belle etoile” print. Perfect to brighten up any space, and for me the best part is that it translates to “under the stars”. How perfect!? Universe, stars, spirituality, I can see it. Plus, I feel so much emotions when I look up at the stars, my whole body goes all fuzzy, so this print is so me. You can slip it into a lovely frame and you’ve got a new wall hanging!

Paris themed socks. Oui Oui. Okay, yes I’m a lover of socks. First off, I get cold feet 3 out of 4 seasons of the year, so socks are my number 1 essentials. And yes, I like cute, weird, funny, bright socks, you name it. These socks are actually really pretty and girly! Can’t wait to use them on colder days. RRP £4.50

Bubble T Macaroon Lip Balm. I’ve already used Bubble T products before, especially their bath range, and I love them! So I was very pleased to see this in my box. The consistency of this is like a typical lip balm, and the smell is sweet but not overpowering. The balm also contains essential oils! I always keep my lips hydrated, so this one will definitely be used up fast. RRP £2.99

Get your Box

And that is the whole content of the box. A little bit of everything for everyone. I love the variation of homeware products all the way to food treats. I think the subscriptions and boxes from Treatbox are super cute, and a little self care package for yourself each month. I’m a huge advocate of promoting self care and self love, and I feel these boxes do just that. We all deserve a treat. Once a month at least!!!

Get your box here.

*This post is in collaboration with Treatbox UK, however all opinions and reviews are my own*


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