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The Importance in Friendships

Something that seems so obvious, something that “everyone” has; Friendships. My own personal journey with friendships has been interesting to say the least. I don’t make friends easily because truth be told I struggle to open up or share my issues. I’m a great listener and always there to support and uplift those in my life that deserve it, but sometimes my own fear of being seen for who I am, for my struggles and being judged get in the way of true relationships.

Throughout my early years until I was a teenager I had a few best friends. Ones that were always by my side, we always spoke about everything, had huge amounts of laughter and created lots of amazing memories. It’s easy when you’re a kid. You talk about what games you want to play, and make funny prank calls… 90’s kid here! But as we grow up and develop more complicated emotions and life struggles we seek the company of a friend we can really open up to, and be 100% honest with. We look for a great listener, as well as someone who can guide as a little bit and support us in life. A friend is sort of like a sibling. Deep down, no matter how shy, distant or lonely we may seem, we all seek that friendly relationship.

I’ve learnt many lessons with how friendships work, and they’ve gotten pretty tough over my adult years. I’ve learnt who my true friends are, that hold no judgement over me. Those that are always going to be there for me, those that ask ME how my day is as well as sharing theirs. Those kind of friends you can not talk for a while with then BAM, you talk for hours like no time has gone by. Unfortunately we may come across friends without true intentions. It happens a lot, but it is in our power to know when this is happening and to understand it is okay to cut away toxic relationships. I’ve been naive. I’ve given chances, been patient, hopeful and believed in the best. And that’s okay, as long as it doesn’t go on forever. There came a point and time in my life where I realized we didn’t click. I didn’t feel heard or wanted. I was mentally pushed about. I was a “sidekick”? No way. I longed for a true friendship. A sister kind of bond. So I started letting go of old toxic relationships and manifesting new, beautiful relationships. This can sometimes happen with new people, but sometimes it can rebuilt old friendships into something new & better.

So in the past year I did manage to create new friendships. Some came so incredibly surprisingly. I created relationships with people that were meaningful, true, caring, loving & “deep”. Everything I longed for. Yes it did come very randomly and when I least expected it, but now looking back I’m like YES! Being able to share my unique journey with someone who’s also on a unique journey is magical. Some of my old friendships categorized themselves into places that felt right, aligned and appropriate. It’s okay to have friends you see less often, but when you do you connect and have a good laugh. Not every friendship has to be deep. Some friendships grew into a stronger relationship. As we grew up, so did the way we communicate. I can trust & rely on these friendships. There’s absolutely not a lot of them, but each is unique and honest. It never was about the quantity but most definitely about quality.

I want to use this time & post to thank each and every one of my friends. You know who you are. Thank you for being here no matter what. Thank you for hearing me out, even though it’s hard for me to share sometimes. Thank you for remembering about me. Thank you for nurturing our relationship. Thank you for your love. Thank you for making time. Thank you for your support with zero jealousy. Thank you for your pure heart. Thank you for your honesty.

Love, Give, Appreciate


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