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Thank You 2018

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, but the time has come. We’re nearing to the end of 2018 already. I still remember Summer like it was last week. I mean that heatwave will be hard to forget! With each year passing by, each and everyone of us can take something from it. Whether it’s a life lesson, appreciation, understanding, growth, strength or anything else the year may have brought us, a whole year can impact us greatly.

What has 2018 been like for me? It has been a fairly stable & relaxed year to be honest! It has not been a crazy manic year, with any huge revelations, but that’s good! Previous years have all been quite a big hit for me, a lesson for sure, but this year was a nice break to just go deep within of WHO I am. I can say this year was a year to figure out who I am and my purpose on this planet, in a slow & gentle way.

Spirituality in 2018

2018 has had a huge impact on me spiritually. It has definitely been the year I discovered spirituality on a different level. I felt and sensed the presence of angels, passed on family members & even psychic intuitions came into play! My knowledge grew with each day, which only enhanced my positive attitude to life and feeling general peace. It has allowed me to let go of emotional eating and guilt related to food and body image, something that has ruled my life in previous years. I quit physically training completely, and focused on my mental health. 2018 was the year of learning balance. And that wasn’t easy, but definitely doable!

Relationships in 2018

With personal relationships, 2018 has been very strengthening. I met new wonderful people, my current relationships with the closest to me grew stronger, and some people who did not serve me, left my life. I feel balanced and grounded in my relationships. It has also opened the door to more confidence in meeting new people and forming new relationships.

 Ending 2018 on a High

But how do we end 2018? Like with any year, with gratitude. With thanks. With a whole heap of appreciation. There is definitely at least ONE thing you can find that was great. Be thankful for at least that one thing. Because even if something negative happened, remember it’s not for no reason. It’s a lesson in disguise, it’s personal growth, it’s life changing. Most importantly, we can be grateful we lived through another year, and that we are blessed enough to still be alive on this planet to this day. Living, loving, learning, conquering, seeking…

So let’s end this year beautifully, with pride, joy, hope & a positive mindset, ready for a new blissful year. I wish you all the best this Christmas. I hope you truly unwind and kickback. I hope peace fills your homes. I wish you a bright, successful and loving new year!

Love, Give, Appreciate.


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