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Stop Fighting your Ego
stop fighting your ego

In today’s post I would love to talk to you about our ego and how to stop fighting your ego. Something we all have, but not many understand much about it. I’m one of the people who never knew how to deal with my ego. The first thing is to understand what it is and when it pops up.

You may often hear a little voice inside your head that talks to you and stops you from doing things a certain way. For example, you may want to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, challenge yourself or take a risk. Once you start thinking of these thoughts, the ego will pop up to tell you NO. Thoughts like “it’s too scary. You can’t make it. You’ll fail. It’s safer here” and so much more comes to the surface. And then we back down. Yes, we listen to our ego more often than not.

When you feel resistance to trying new things, that’s the ego. And when we realize that it’s our ego playing games, we straight away think it’s bad. We think the ego is the devil in some ways. It’s the dark force. Well, actually I’m here to say that you need to shift the way you perceive the ego!

How To Understand the Ego

First off, the ego says all it says to protect you. It thinks it’s doing the right thing to keep you safe. It doesn’t want you to fail and wants you to feel “safe”. The ego doesn’t understand that change or risk can be an amazing positive shift. It doesn’t see stepping out of our comfort zone as an opportunity to grow, but to fail which ultimately will make you feel down. The ego isn’t rational and only knows what it think it does. Truth is, you know better, and you always will.

Second of all, understanding this and not seeing the ego as a negative force, completely changes the dynamics of your relationship with it. Once we become understanding we notice that it is just a voice in our head trying to help, but we can choose our own way. We can say no thanks & trust our intuition. Which is stronger than anything once you kick into it! Once we realize the voice we call ego doesn’t actually know much & doesn’t get that we have trust, intuition and drive, you will easily dismiss it’s irrationality.

Stop the Ego Fight!

Now stop fighting your ego. Nothing good comes from a fight. What you’re giving off to the universe this way is struggle, war & the fact you aren’t willing to let go. You give your ego more power & motivation to try harder to stop you when you fight it. You’re not accepting your true potential of knowing better than it does. So how do you overcome bowing down to the ego? Acceptance & choosing YOU! I love to acknowledge the ego’s thoughts. I tell it “thank you for your opinion, however I choose happiness & my higher self.” You can adjust how you speak to it accordingly to your situation. For example if you’re about to go through a big change but the ego is trying to stop you in your path, try saying “thank you for your opinion, however I choose to know that with change comes great opportunity & happiness.” Notice you are not fighting with it anymore, you’re OK with it, however YOU know best. Trusting in yourself, your intuition and your higher self is what causes shifts in your life.

At first you may feel it’s empty words, but the more you repeat your mantra you will find that your heart starts to feel and trust what you’re saying. The more you practice this, and trusting in yourself, the more the ego will come along your journey and actually start believing that what you’re saying is true. Once it starts to see that in fact your choices do bring happiness, it will see it as you see it. It will pop up less, because you will be living by your own guidance. Next time you can also tell it “hey ego, trust me. Come along with me my way or please step back.”

Your perception now of the ego has changed. It doesn’t want what’s bad for you, it just THINKS it’s protecting you. Now you start to trust yourself more, and choose to kick into your higher power. The ego melts away, and you step into the YOU that you deserve to be!

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