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Beautiful Angel Carving Pendulum in Rose Quartz.

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Beautiful Angel Carving Pendulum in Rose Quartz.

This crystal pendulum is unique. Fitted with a silver chain they really do have something quite magical about them. Ideal for dowsing and divining. Each outer consists of pendants of different shapes.

To use the pendulum, make sure to recentre, and take a few quiet breaths before starting. You can use the pendulum to ask questions of YES/NO/MAYBE sort. Before beginning to ask, always establish with the pendulum which notion is yes,no ro maybe. You can ask to show YES and the pendulum will start to swing right to left. NO can be back and forth. Once you establish the movement, feel free to ask your pendulum questions. Make sure to keep your hand steady when doing so.

PLEASE NOTE –  These pendulums are handmade from a natural product. Because of this, the sizes of the gemstone pieces may vary.


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