Go on a journey of self discovery with the Original Peace Bundle.

The Original Peace Bundle is an amazing addition for your daily self contemplation rituals as well as some decor for your home or office!

Set includes:


Introducing the amazing ‘My Peace Self Contemplation Cards’

This 42 card deck was designed to help connect you to your inner peace, your truth and contemplate and discover your existence. With nothing like this on the market, I am so excited to share this amazing card deck.

This card deck is designed to take you to depths of yourself you may have forgotten exist. Each card allows you to self inquire, self contemplate and discover your true being. There is no right or wrong way of using the deck, just take a card or 2, and see where they take you. I encourage you to widen your perspective, forget everything you know and connect to the peace residing within you.

This is not your standard tarot, oracle or affirmation card deck. These are a little different. They help you explore the truth, your existence and who you really are. There is no right or wrong here. All I ask is you contemplate each card in peace, and see where it takes you. What do you feel when you read the card? What do you start to remember about yourself? Really let the question go within.

Thank you for your support with buying the cards. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.

350gsm card gloss + 300gsm velvet box


Connect to your truest self with the My Peace Journal!

A gorgeous 100-page journal designed to connect you to your inner peace. Whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, you have the freedom to make of it what you wish.

Each day is divided into 2 pages to allow you to explore deeper. Each section of the page gives you options to discover in different ways, really tuning into who you are and your freedom.

The journal is undated, to give you freedom of choice when it comes to writing. There is no right or wrong way to use the journal, just do what feels good to you. Each section is merely guidance, but how you choose to use it is up to you.

Journal info: Size: A5, paperback, Cover: 300gsm gloss, Pages: 100, 250gsm, matte


Full bundle of the 5 original collection prints!

Included prints are: Only Now Matters, Exist Beyond Thought, I do not need to seek, The storm, I am

All prints are A5, 300gsm,matte.

Comes packaged in a cellophane slip with greyboard for extra protection


*crystals not included*


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Original Peace Bundle



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