Introducing the amazing ‘My Peace Self Contemplation Cards’ compromised of 42 cards!

These Self Contemplation Cards were designed to help you reconnect to your inner peace and rediscover who you truly are. Use these cards daily to rid anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk, plus increase your confidence and self-love. Let your inner peace guide you down a fulfilled path!

This card deck is here to help you dig deeper, to depths of yourself you may have forgotten exist. Each card allows you to self inquire, self contemplate and discover your true being. If you’re stuck in a loop of anxiety, fear or trauma, these cards are amazing at allowing you to observe from a different perspective.

There is no right or wrong way of using the deck, just take a card or 2, and see where they take you. I encourage you to widen your perspective, forget everything you know and connect to the peace residing within you.

How to contemplate & use your cards:

  • Pick a card & sit still with it for 5-15 minutes, contemplating what it means to you and the journey it takes you on
  • Take your card and pop it in your back or wallet and keep it safe throughout your day. When needed, glance at it be reminded to get back to your inner peace
  • Pop your card on your desk or notice board and have it at eye vision level to keep you reminded of your contemplation
  • Gift them! You can pop a card or 2 to your loved ones as a surprise or gentle reminder
  • Build a contemplation board. Use a few or as many of the cards as you like to create a board or you can even frame them!

This is not your standard tarot, oracle or affirmation card deck. These are a little different. They help you explore the truth, your existence and who you really are. There is no right or wrong here. All I ask is you contemplate each card in peace, and see where it takes you. What do you feel when you read the card? What do you start to remember about yourself? Really let the question go within.

Non duality & self contemplation allow you to observe experiences and release yourself from attachment to the ego.

Learn more about my cards in my YouTube video here!

Thank you for your support with buying the cards. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.

350gsm card gloss + 300gsm velvet box

Comes packaged in an eco cotton compostable drawstring bag!

8 reviews for My Peace Self Contemplation Cards

  1. Sharon

    Absolutely beautiful cards, through the whole design, wording & quality. Received in such lovely packaging too, with an extra special treat 😁 Thank you Natalia, so pleased with my cards 😍

  2. Helen

    I am so glad to have these cards in my life, taking the time out to do a contemplation card pull has really helped me to align my thoughts and im proud that my new perspective on life has affected me is so many amazing ways.

    The cards help you to unlock your truth to trust in you and to remember to live in the now and not future trip or dwell on the past. Having a physical reminder on my desk helps me to really contemplate my truth.

    I cannot recommend these cards enough- this is a must for everyone

  3. Ela

    I really love these beautiful cards.It’s an amazing way of reflecting on life, our existence and what is actually important in day to day life.
    Beautifully designed cards, graphics and colours makes them look exclusive!!


  4. Agnes

    I am truly impressed with these self contemplation cards. The design is beautiful – no card is the same. The font, watercolurs and shapes are calming and the statements truly meaningful. I haven’t read them all because I want to unravel one by one as a surprise each day. I usually do it in the morning before my stressful work day so I can remember and remind myself of the more meaningful things in life. For me they have been life changing in some way so thank you 💖

  5. Agata

    The design is so beautiful and the quality is very good. I use my cards every day, really love them! Thank you

  6. Kiran

    My Peace cards are beautifully designed. Each card is unique in its own way with vibrant colours and is a daily reminder of how important peace is. I absolutely love the glossy finish and use them everyday after a long day at work. Each card pull gives a positive feeling leaving me in a positive mood.

  7. Mags

    Best cards I have owned by far. Absolutely beautiful bright designs with ultimate gloss finish, but more importantly the contemplations and quotes are so thought provoking and deepening it has changed a lot of my perspectives in life. So grateful. Thank you!

  8. Wioleta

    Lovely cards, making the perfect addition to my collection for use in holistic therapy every day. I love the affirmations that goes along with each card. Amazing quality. Absolutely beautiful!

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