Connect to your truest self with the My Peace Journal!

A gorgeous 100-page journal designed to connect you to your inner peace. Whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, you have the freedom to make of it what you wish.

Each day is divided into 2 pages to allow you to explore deeper. Each section of the page gives you options to discover in different ways, really tuning into who you are and your freedom.

The journal is undated, to give you freedom of choice when it comes to writing. There is no right or wrong way to use the journal, just do what feels good to you. Each section is merely guidance, but how you choose to use it is up to you.


Journal info:

Size: A5, paperback

Cover: 300gsm gloss

Pages: 100, 250gsm, matte

1 review for My Peace Journal

  1. Helen

    This is the journal every journal wishes it was. This journal is so wonderful in so many ways, i love all the free space you have to write you are not limited like most other journals. And i love the way it looks and feels. Its luxurious velvet finish makes writing a real act of self care. I adore mine and am excited to purchase my next one when i finish the one i currently have

    • Natalia Szyszka

      Thank you so much Helen!💛

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My Peace Journal


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