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The i-TECH Detox mask is perfect for traveling

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Revolutionary range by Arkana. The i-TECH Detox mask is perfect for traveling, protecting you against atmospheric changes, smog & pollution.

The three-layer mask includes an original combination of micro-particles of hematite and
platinum, that eliminate the impact of polluted atmosphere and the effects of harmful HEV/VIS
and UV radiation. Plant extracts with strong antioxidant potential, reduce the signs of photoageing
and activity of free radicals as well as protect cells’ DNA against deformation.
Ready to use in any conditions – apply even when travelling!

Active substances: hematite, platinum, biomimetic
peptides (Argireline®, SYN-AKE®),
hyaluronic acid, plant extracts Centella
asiatica, Japanese knotweed, Scutellaria
baicalensis, green tea, liquorice

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