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Positivity Planner

Positivity is a way of Living

Let’s talk positivity! One of my all time favourite subjects. I live by positivity, because that’s the best way to live. Today I want to share with you my favourite planner, intended to help you live a positive lifestyle. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of writing things down, whether it’s planning, organizing, journaling or scripting. It’s way too therapeutic to just not do. That’s why when my gorgeous friend Emma Mumford came out with her newest merchandise, the ‘Positivity Planner’ I was over the moon to get my hands on it.

Not only is the planner so up my street with the pastel colour vibes (my absolute favourite scheme, can’t you tell?), it’s the perfect size and quality is beautiful! But you know what? That’s not the best part, for me, what gets me is that the planner was made with love. Everything that comes from Emma is based on love, positivity and the desire to help others. Why wouldn’t anyone love that!?

Writing is Powerful

The planner starts off with a little paragraph from Emma herself, followed by a few pages of self development, and then it goes into the daily planner section. There are also some gorgeous quotes within the planner. Each day consists of one page, where you get to write the date, what you’re looking forward to, your gratitude list (my fave!!!), your to do list, your affirmations and positive things that happened today. It’s important to remember that you can adjust the planner to your needs, so for example in the to do list I write to do’s like “love myself”, “smile” etc, instead of daily chores. I find this works best for my spiritual needs, because I have a separate planner for daily chores and work.

How to use the Planner

I try and use the planner everyday, but as many of you know, life isn’t always so easy, and we do get busy or even lazy, so I do miss some days. Personally I gravitate towards the planner when I feel a true need. Personally I write in the evenings, but many people prefer to do so in the mornings, to start off their day positively! The benefits from using a planner like this, is huge! It may only seem like a little page where you write a few words, but those words and that process is powerful. Just the whole idea of being grateful builds a stronger heart, and gives off so much love to yourself and your surrounding. Affirmations are also wonderful, to help build your confidence in every level of your life.

Each section of the planner is important and has different benefits. Being thankful and looking back at what positive things happened during your day gives you the realization of what good you have in your life. The whole process doesn’t take long, however I personally go all creative and use colours, stickers & washi tapes, which gives me more of a fun approach too and takes a little longer, but I like this me time.

I highly recommend this planner, or at least for yourself to start writing. It’s amazing. Get your planner here.


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