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Meet Me!

Hi Guys!

I’m so excited to announce my New & Improved Blog! I have re-branded and started fresh. You may remember me as Natbeauty & Wellness. I decided to re-brand to basically my own name, because this blog will reflect all things I love, do & recommend for a healthy and happy life. I realize my name is not the easiest… but that’s what makes us unique right?

You will find my fundamental focus is health. I want to share my passion for health in all aspects of life. As a certified Holistic Health Coach, I want to share how I maintain a healthy everyday relationship  with myself & my body. I will not only share yummy wholesome recipes, but also how to keep your mental health happy through daily practices and tips.

You may also see posts, videos & blogs about Arkana Cosmetics. As an Arkana UK Ambassador, I’m hugely passionate about this professional skin range, and truly believe everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin. So I want to share HOW to look after your skin best, daily tips and which products are best for different skin types.


I also have a strong passion for spirituality and The Law of Attraction, so you’re bound to see some of that here too. I believe all these 3 topics combined, are the perfect success to a beautiful, healthy and fulfilled life.

So are you with me? I’d love to see you around and say Hello!

Thank you my lovelies for all your support.

Love, Give, Appreciate.


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