May Motivation

May motivation

I am still pretty shocked that we’re already in May 2020! What a weird couple months it has been, BUT we’re doing absolutley fantastic. We’ve adapted to the changes, I’ve seen so much love spreading, support, uplifting energy and kindness. The world truly needed this positive energy, and it warms my heart to see more and more people spread kindness. In this blog post I want to talk about your May Motivation. May to me is a very ‘spring is definitley here’ kind of month. Everything blossoms, the weather gets warmer, and we come out of our hibernation stage more. So even though we’re still in lockdown, I want to share how to keep the motivation clear & balanced this month.

How You Start Your Day

smoothie breakfast

Start your day right! The way we start our day has a huge impact on how the rest of it will play out. So what do we most often start our day with? Breakfast. I know many of you skip this meal, but please try to slowly incorporate it back into your life. It DOES make a difference to your body and energy, even if you don’t feel it whilst eating. Breakfast is our little battery to kickstart our day, therefore our breakfast should be wholesome and healthy. It’s absolutely ok to have a fatty, full english every now and then don’t get me wrong, but most days it’s best to stick to the healthy versions of breakfast. It’s easy really, you can choose from yogurts, porridge, smoothies, eggs and more. Get creative, that will also really wake you up and boost your creativity and motivation for the day!


Be thankful! Yes, this is something I’ll always preach. Gratitude! It’s so important and a absolute game changer. All you need is a notebook and a pen to get started. Write 5-10 things you’re grateful for each day, and you could add why you’re grateful for them too. You can make it as precise as you want, or as large scale as you feel. Whether you’re grateful to be alive and exist, or for the funny converstation you had that day, it all counts towards making your days more beautiful. You can do your gratitude morning, afternoon or evening, it doesn’t matter too much as long as you do it. With days to come, you’ll start to feel your heart expand, and even see the world in different colours. In beautiful colours. I can’t explain how this is life changing, but this simple process changes everything!

Your Workspace

Have a clear space to work. In my previous blog post I wrote all about keeping your home office space positive, you can read it here. This is such a fabulous way to allow the flow of creativity into your life. So much as changing how your desk & office space looks, makes a big difference. I know for me, my motivation is 100% better when my office desk looks beautiful, clean, cosy and inspiring. Some of you however may not be actually working due to the pandemic & your companies being closed or you became unemployed. This still applies to you, in fact this is the perfect time to create something you’ve always wanted. Use your creative space to start that project you always wanted to, or the business you always dreamed of, or even a blog post about your life right now. Just get your creativity out there!

Nature & You


Interact with nature. The beauty in what surrounds us is unreal. As simple as trees or rivers, but fills our heart with so much joy. Go for regular walks to breathe in that fresh air, and trust me the air is much cleaner at the moment. Appreciate the plants, nature & birds on your walk, and notice how your body gets impacted by each mindful nature walk. You can also go outside and sit on the floor, placing your palms firmly on the ground. This helps to feel grounded and is a really powerful way to connect to our earth. Fresh air and nature reset our mind & body for ultimate motivation and functioning, so don’t dismiss this beautiful practice.

Meditate Don’t Hate

Try meditating. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day, meditation sets the tone for our days ahead. It helps our minds clear of clutter, balance our bodies, heal wounds and explore our inner ‘us’. It’s a gentle practice that I personally believe is individual to everyone. All you need to do is sit with yourself, and focus on your breath and energy points. For example focusing on the energy space around your heart. This automatically calms your mind as all your attention is on that energy space. This also helps to connect you to your beautiful body. There are many different meditation techniques, but with time you’ll find what works for you. On instagram I share a few of those regularly.

Get Clean

Get Clean! Clean space, clean vision. This applies to getting clean in all areas of your life, but for now I want to talk about getting clean in your house & your skin. A clean house helps us to concentrate better, it’s pretty much a fact! Plus, you feel GOOD in a clean space. So grab those cloths, maybe even watch some Mrs Hinch and get cleaning. Make it fun, dance, listen to your favourite tunes. You should also always keep clean with your skin. That means daily cleansing & moisturizing. Your skin is subjected to dirt everyday, like from your computers. Our skin can suffer hugely if left unattended. You got to love yourself from inside & out to let your YOU shine everyday. Just as you shower daily, the same applies for your face. Nobody likes to work in smelly conditions, your skin doesn’t like functioning without care. It makes a difference, trust me! I recommend Arkana UK, which you can find here. You can also get 15% OFF with my code: NATALIA15 (or 10% OFF sale with code: NATALIA10).

So let’s get Motivated this May time. Feel your glow, power, creativity & motivation flow during this month, and many more to come. I hope you enjoyed my quick tips on staying balanced and motivated!

Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Kind.

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