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Manifesting The Dream Bag!

The Dream Bag

Hello lovelies! Today’s post is all about manifesting! A subject that is still quite new to me, but boy is it a fab one! I have been interested in spirituality for a couple years now, and day by day I deepen my knowledge and practices. One of the most recent things I have learned, was manifesting!

I knew about “what you attract you receive” from the Secret, which also transformed my way of thinking. But it didn’t tap into Manifestations so much. So since learning about such a powerful tool, I decided to in cooperate it into my daily life, because who doesn’t want to bring awesome things into their life right?

I discovered a lot about manifestation through public speakers, and blogger Emma Mumford. It intrigued me so much, I knew I had to start focusing on this too. So I made a list of things I want to manifest in my life, including material things and life transforming things.

There’s no shame in wanting to manifest material things too, after all we are human, and material things do bring us levels of enjoyment, so why not?

Now is the How?

So how did I manifest my Ralph Lauren Bag?

I’m still calculating exactly how this came about, but I know it just did! Even before learning about manifestations, I craved a gorgeous Ralph Lauren bag. I love their style, and always wanted a designer handbag. So I think subconsciously I was manifesting this for a while. I would in-vision it, see myself with it, research it etc etc.

When one day I was out shopping in TKMAXX with my mum, and right before exiting the shop, we quickly went to glance at the bag section. Not wanting to go to that section at all, I caved and went up just for my mum. Not really browsing, just staring into boredom, there right in front of me, was THE bag! Not only did the colour bounce at me (yellow) it was the perfect size!

Debating whether to get it, checking myself out in the mirror, loving the cheap price, I did it!

No regrets.

Now I’m waiting for Spring & Summer to get it out!

So don’t be afraid to manifest. Get your list ready, and truly focus on the beautiful things you want in life.

Love, Give, Appreciate


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