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Love To Care for Yourself

I’ve always preached self care. From the moment I discovered that you can selflessly take care of yourself, I fell in love with caring for ME. It’s simple really, however it can be quite bizarre for beginners. Truth be told, it not only makes you better, but it affects the people around you too. Yes, it’s infectious!

This week, I feel I need to take care of myself more than usual. I’m human, and at times I can feel disconnected and lost, for many reasons, sometimes of which I need to discover deeper. So I decided to kick off this week with a self care blog post. I’ll share with you my tips on how to treat yourself, unplug and recharge. You won’t need much, just a lot of love towards yourself, and the want to put yourself first a little. No guilt.

Self Care Tips

One of my many favourite things to do is to light candles. I absolutely love candles, and now that September is here, and the weather is slowly changing and autumn is creeping up, candle season has begun. For me anyway. When I light a candle, or 10 (please be safe when lighting candles) I feel an immediate flow of peace run through me. The warm light from the flame calms me immensely and I feel so cosy and warm, both physically and mentally. So candles are a must for me. I also use them during meditating and baths. Candles with a gorgeous aroma are also a big plus. Great smells are like good food.

Another thing I love, more so during autumn and winter, are hot SPA baths. Oh my do I love these! I get cold very easily, my blood circulation is quite poor, so my feet and hands suffer the most. The only season I’m warm is summer. So hot baths are not only fabulous for my cold vampire like body, but also super relaxing. There’s nothing more peaceful than laying still in a bath filled with my favourite bath products like bath bombs, oils and the added touch of candles. I realize baths aren’t for everyone, that’s why long showers with your favourite body products do the trick too. Give yourself a good body scrub, and lather yourself with your finest body cream. Treat yourself!

Meditation is a must. I recommend meditating daily, even for 5 minutes a day. There’s a lot of healing that can be done through meditation. Not only do we release our mind of polluted thoughts and daily stresses, we also work on our inner issues, that could be triggering our anger, sadness, confusion etc. During a meditation session, we can dive deep into a state of happiness. We can work on our chakra’s and see which energy points are out of alignment. We can escape into our happy place, and at times even meet angels, spirit guides or whoever else you may be connected to. It’s simply letting go of what our mind is holding on to. Our brains are complicated, and can sometimes hold on to too much unnecessary thoughts, that’s why meditation clears our thought patterns.

Reading a good book. Anyone else love getting cosy on your sofa, with a blanket and a good book? I sure do. At the moment I’m enjoying a lot of spiritual books, as I find they help improve my practices, as well as work on myself in general. However, you can enjoy any book or even magazines etc. Pick something you’ll love reading, and something that will help you relax, unwind and focus merely on your book.

I write a lot. Sometimes however, I need a good ‘writing session’ more than any other day. What do I mean by writing? Well for me it’s often writing in my positivity planner, as well as my journal. Writing to myself or my future self, helps to really open up myself in regards to my feelings, struggles, desires. The process of putting down your feelings and thoughts on paper is powerful, as in a way it becomes more real. It’s out there, you let it out, and it’s transferred to paper. Write absolutely anything that speaks to you, that’s bothering you, that you’re thinking of or that you want.

Good food, good mood! As a self care treat, nourishing my body with good food, puts me in a better mood! By good food I mean things that fuel my body. A delicious veggie salad, nutritious breakfasts, finest juices, wine. The list goes on. This isn’t the only time I have good food, however I put more effort, time and love into cooking something really special. A scrumptious veggie shepherds pie, that takes some time chopping and cooking that I’d not usually do regularly. Anything that feels good for your body, with that dash of extra love is an amazing treat for YOU.

Focus on You

And lastly, take your time. Steady on. Relax. Unplug. Feel your feet on the ground. Notice your heartbeat. Allow to love yourself and be kind to you.

I hope these tips can help you enjoy a little more self care and self love in your daily life. Sending you lots of positive vibes.

Love, Give, Appreciate


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