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It’s no secret I’m a little obsessed with stationary and planners. I constantly go on about writing and the positive life changes that occur through writing many different aspects of our lives. In all fairness, it doesn’t matter what planner you have as long as you have paper, however for me, it feels a lot more special having a cute little journal or planner, that I feel joy when looking at and opening up.

In today’s post I want to share with you my collection of planners & journals from my close & beautiful friend Emma Mumford. She has her own online store, where she offers many gorgeous spiritual products including her own fantastic planners. She now has a variety of as many as 4 planners, and of course I had to get them all. Each planner is designed for something different, making it easy to separate your lists/letters. The quality is absolutely incredible, and you will see this through her reviews on Etsy. Of course, they are super cute too!

I’ll start off with the first planners I got, why I got them, and how I use them.

The Gratitude Journal £8.99

Gorgeous 100 page journal with a marble effect on the cover. This journal is ideal for all your gratitude lists and whatever else you’d love to give thanks for. I’ve mentioned before how life changing giving gratitude is, and this journal allows you to have a space to do so. It is undated so if you miss a day, it doesn’t go to waste. Perfect! I bought this journal with the exact intention to write my gratitude list daily.

The Manifestation Journal £8.99

Another beautiful journal with marble effect and also 100 pages. As it says this journal is fab for writing all your manifestations and desires. I absolutely love writing my manifestations down as I feel it makes them feel more real. Plus who doesn’t love writing their dreams and desires down? This journal doesn’t need to be used daily and once again is undated. I use it as of when I need to.

The Positivity Planner £16.99

This planner is slightly different than the previous journals. It has a sweet pastel pink cover, and is quite simple. It looks fab on any desk! The planner consists of 125 pages, undated and is filled with little columns of things for you to write about in each day. Each day is assigned to one page. Within each page you write about your gratitude’s, to do list, affirmations and positive things that happened during the day. The planner allows for you to combine a lot in one journal. It’s wonderful for personal growth and increasing positivity in our daily life.

The Moon Journal £8.99

The newest addition to the journal range. A stunning dark blue, cosmic cover, very different to the previous designs. The format is the same as the journals, with 100 undated pages. The use of this journal is intended for new moon and full moon. At these times it’s great to write all sorts of lists of things you want to release, let go of, manifest and so on. It’s a very powerful time of the year, and writing lists followed by (safely) burning them is very beneficial and allows for shifts to happen. I love this new piece, and think it fits in with the whole collection perfectly.

So that’s the whole collection! All beautiful planners, affordable and a must have if you love writing and want a special place to do so. Each planner is designed for something different, making it easy to separate each subject and lists. You can check it all out on Emma’s website here.

Love, Give, Appreciate.

*This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own*


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