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International Women’s Day

Be The Women You Know You Are

As you may know, it’s the 8th of March, which signifies the International Women’s Day. A great day for us ladies!

It’s a day to celebrate being a women. It’s a day to feel empowered, proud & confident. Although it’s a day specifically dedicated to women, I believe all those factors why we celebrate Women’s Day, should be in fact celebrated everyday, so don’t forget it after today.

Women come in different shapes, sizes, skin colors, heights and characteristics. We are all so different and so unique, and that’s our power! Our unique DNA and structure, is what makes us stand out from the crowd. This Women’s Day I encourage you to love yourself for all that you are. For your body size, for your skin imperfections, for your hair color, for your quirky behavior…

Get Involved

It’s time to love yourself for being YOU. It’s time to be proud to be a women. Embrace the struggles we go through, but also acknowledge that those struggles often bring beautiful outcomes. Look at yourself today (and everyday from now on) and love what you see. Point to the features you admire. You’re not being “vein” or “cocky”, you’re being kind to yourself, as you are to others.

Ladies, let’s get together, and celebrate being bad-ass women. Let’s have fun, let’s enjoy our company, let’s motivate each other, let’s empower one another.

Let’s love each other!

Be kind to other kick-ass ladies, and instead of looking for “bad” features in others, join forces and inspire one another. Also, don’t be shy & remind your partners it’s Women’s Day, they can admire your “womeness” too 😉

I hope this Women’s Day is a powerful one for you all. May you feel a heap tons of love, and truly find features about yourself you can admire. I will be celebrating this day with my ladies, aka my colleagues, on Saturday in London for a Theatre Show!

Love, Give, Appreciate


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