How to Stay Sane in a Busy World

Who else feels like sometimes, just sometimes, the world moves a little too fast? Like we get lost in the 24 hours we are given each day. Our minds run loose, and we don’t know were to start or finish. Yepp, I’m for sure guilty of this. My mind runs off like a headless chicken, with 1000’s of thoughts per minute, and only so many hours a day. The truth is, the world is moving faster. There are so many more possibilities, opportunities, changes, upgrades… and after all of it, we are only humans, designed a specific way, our brains can only handle so much, as can our bodies.

Balance & Focus

I find it crucial to stay balanced and focused in my everyday life. I preach balance like a crazy girl, because I know from my own experiences what it’s like to be OUT of balance, and feel totally wacky and lost. This applies to all areas of our lives. Food, exercise, mindfulness, work, social life. But how many of you feel lost mostly in the areas of career & work? I can say I sure do. Balancing two full time jobs is a heap of a strain. I love it dearly, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. And just because in these jobs I’m self employed, it doesn’t make it any lighter, in fact there’s a hell of a lot more to remember, plan, adjust, create.

I would be a lost bunny in a huge world without planning. Yepp, I take my planners around with me everywhere I go. Because, when I get a little idea for work or everyday life, I NEED to write it down, in order for it to stay relevant. It’s easy to know to wake up and go to sleep everyday, that’s like an instinct. But there are so many things to do in between, that my poor little head would never be able to take in, so writing it down and planning all I need is such a stress reliever.

Why? Well, to start off, planning my week or month ahead, gives me a sense of relief on my brain. I don’t strain it twice as hard to try to “remember” because it’s written down, no worries needed. Secondly, I know where and what I can add to my days, including social events, work meetings or holidays. I’ve got myself covered for the near future, and I don’t need to worry if I’ll fit it in or not. Thirdly, my insanely awesome ideas (yes I’m cocky, so what?) can be safely jotted down, so they don’t run away and leave a whistle in my head. You should see how many ideas and to do’s I get in my head everyday, no chance I’d remember them all.

Plan & Organize

Truth be told, planning and using organizers, makes me feel secure & eases my brain. That’s the most important factor for me. To not strain my brain, and create extra stress that in fact is not necessary! There’s enough that goes on in a day, so why wouldn’t I help myself and write down everything that’s important for me to come back to it whenever I wish. So easy right?

My favourite planner right now is the Busy Days planner by Boxclever press. Not only is it insanely gorgeous, it’s super fun! Makes my organizing fun NOT a chore. There’s lot’s of pages for daily planning, but also monthly aspirations and cute stickers to get creative. It’s a little chunky, which I personally love, as I’ve always been a lover of big chunky planners. I don’t know why, but it feels more sturdy and professional. Check out their collection here. They also have a fantastic food planner, that I use to track my intolerance’s. How handy!?

Do you plan? Do you use an electronic or physical planner? Or do you just risk it and hope to remember it all? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Love, Give, Appreciate.



*This post is not sponsored. The items were gifted to me by the brand, however all opinions are my own & honest*



  1. June 19, 2018 / 9:00 pm

    I love how you talk about planning as a form of stress relief. It’s so freeing to not have to worry about forgetting things since everything important is already written down! I personally like to use a monthly planner coupled with daily/weekly to-do lists😊
    – Cailey |

    • natalia
      June 19, 2018 / 9:23 pm

      Thank you Cailey!
      Love how you couple your planners with to do’s!
      Thank you for reading have a beautiful day xx