How I Deal With Off Days

It’s safe to say we all get “off” days. Even the most positive & happiest of humans out there, get days where something is just off. But the question is, how do you cope with those days? It’s how we deal with days were we don’t feel 100% that makes the difference. Whether you’re just having a bad day, or are suffering from low & depressive thoughts that are leading you to darkness, none of it is inevitable. That said, there are things we can do that will allow us to feel normal with these sort of feelings.

I too get bad days. I get days where my thoughts go wild, and I start to question everything, including myself. Am I good enough? Am I as truly authentic as I can be? Can I accomplishing anything? All these questions and thoughts lead to emotions like sadness, anger, jealousy, despair or helplessness. Emotions that have a bad connotation of course. When I’m in that “state” I’m simply sad, I feel lonely, I cry and want to shy away from everyone. But one thing I do now, that I never used to do, it altering my thoughts to approaching these emotions. I used to suppress them, trying to desperately hide them, and push them into unknown, because my instinct was to get rid of them. Many of us feel that bad emotions shouldn’t be. They can’t be or they don’t find a place on our emotion plate. Truth is, they do. They most certainly do. Those “bad” emotions are with us for a reason. Of course we don’t necessarily enjoy them, but we need them in many respects.

Hello Dear Emotions

The first thing I do on my off days is acknowledge my feelings. Notice that they’re there, and for some reason they are upon me. Instead of pushing them without analyzing them, I understand that they are here for a reason. They are teaching me something on my journey on this planet. I am human. I am allowed to feel sad or angry every now and then. I’m allowed to stay in bed a give away a little cry.

“Bad” emotions are like stomach pains. We get stomach pains, when something is off in our gut. It’s our bodies way of telling us that something has gone wrong, and that a fight has been made. Same goes for negative emotions. They show up because something may be off. Sometimes we get them , so we can appreciate the positive emotions even more. I bet you’ve heard of the reality check that is: without bad things in the world, we wouldn’t appreciate the good things. I’m not saying befriend your negative emotions, because that’s not the point. Just allow yourself to understand that we have a whole spectrum of emotions as a human, and it’s okay to get those bad ones sometimes too. Be kind to yourself. Don’t blame or hate yourself when you’re down. Give yourself some space, some time, and some peace to get your act back up.

So next time you’re lying down (or sitting) and a wave of negativity passes through you, say OK. Say hi, I feel you, I understand you, but now I’m going to analyze & raise my vibes. You are in control of how you maneuver your feelings. You can fall into a pit of negativity, or understand how feelings come about, and learn from each one. It’s yours and only your choice.

Let love & light into your life.

Love, Give, Appreciate


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