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Has Money got bad connotations?

Alright, let’s touch up on a subject that a lot of us think about daily, but not many of us know how to approach. I for one have struggled with money once or twice in my life, as I’m sure a lot of you have too. The issue is, we don’t always see money as a positive thing when we have low amounts of it. And that’s the problem…

Money & Issues

It’s easy to “blame” money for all our difficulties when we have very little of it. Automatically we attach money to the idea that it’s difficult to get by, it only causes stress or it doesn’t bring happiness. More often I’ve also been hearing that money makes people snobby. The truth is, money is money at the end of the day. It stays the same throughout, and has the same meaning and purpose all the time. It’s how WE choose to see money or how WE choose to spend money.

Spend Wisely They Said

So now, it’s not my business or issue how people spend money. You got the dollar? Spend it as you will, it’s 100% your life. You may want to buy yourself luxuries and gifts, you may want to travel with it, or you may want to give it out and share it with the world. It’s totally up to the individual. In my opinion, it’s no one’s business how another got around to their money, whether it be through hard work or inheritence. The issue is, the name we put against money. We can see it as a gift in life, a means to pay bills, happiness that allows us to buy gifts and create memories, something to feed us, a luxury that allows us to travel OR we can see it as an enemy, something that destroys lives, a way of positioning yourself above others, showing off to hide your other insecurities, a game or using it against others maliciously. Do you see how money automatically is percieved differently the way you look at it and they way your emotions play it’s part?

Money does bring happiness

I stand by the fact that ‘money does bring us happiness’ and I will argue my way across that. I’m definately not materialistic, that’s the thing, money doesn’t just buy us physicial goods. Sure, I like to buy myself a treat here and there, as many of us do. No guilt here whatsoever. Those little treats do bring us the short (or a little longer) term happiness, that we all need in our lives to maintain a healthy balance. However, money also buys us holidays to help create special memories, food to survive and live happily on this planet, houses to live under and feel warm and comfortable. Money is a big deal. No we cannot buy LOVE, which is the most important thing in life, but money can buy us support and comfort for our children, family or elders. Money can bring joy to less fortunate. Money can pay for education that brings youngsters joy of expanding their abilities. Money pays for experiences and memories. Whether we like it or not, there’s a lot we can do for free which is amazing, but a lot of things in the life that we live, require money.

See your money, befriend your money

As long as we befriend our money, it will not act as an enemy to us. Now don’t get me wrong in this post, I believe that money does not buy EVERYTHING. It buys a lot but not all. There is so much we can do that requires no money but soley our emotions and heart. However, money does play a huge roll in everyone’s lives, whether we like it or not, it’s here to stay that way. If you begin to see it as a positive attribute to life, you will be able to attract more of it, and use it for the things that satisfy your soul to the deepest levels. It’s not a curse, we don’t “HAVE” to chase it and live a life of stress to achieve it, it’s not your enemy…

Attracting money is a real thing

Now onto the fun part; attracting money. At some point in our lives, we wish we could attract money more than other times. We may need it to pay off bills, debt, hospital bill and so on. Either way, we all need it for whatever circumstance. The truth is, we can manifest money into our lives. First thing to do is the points above, and that’s percieving money positively. Secondly, you got to act as if you’ve already got it! That’s right! Dream your life away. Imagine having it in cash or bank balance, even the exact amount, imagine what you will do with it and how you will spend it. Make it specific, to the dot. Give it a little thought, not too much and leave it for the universe. Don’t dwell on it or obsess, you don’t need that stress. Trust that dropping this thought out to the universe allows space for it to come back your way. Thirdly, you can jot it down in your manifestion book and keep it safe. Lastly, go about your life. Just live. Trust all is happening and brewing your way. To add a little extra “manifestion magic” I highly recommend burning some ‘Attracts money incense sticks’ that you can buy on my store. I swear by them, they had brought in some lovely positive amounts of cash into my life.

Money Money Money, Must Be Funny

So in this fresh new year, make money a positive aspect of your life. Allow it to flow into your life and allow it bring you joy. Know that you deserve it. Happy 2019, and enjoy manifesting!

Love, Give, Appreciate


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