From Skinny to Curvy

I always feared this place. The “loosing everything I worked for”… I always feared having amazing before pics to “I’ve lost it all” after pics

But right now, I finally understand it all. I understand that actually being skinny or toned wasn’t my happiness. Being 100% clean with food wasn’t serving my mind. Yes, I looked good, and my body did thrive off good food! But my mind was deteriorating day by day…

It took A LOT to let go of being “miss perfect health”. From body harming to self shame, the journey and process was painful. So bad it affects those around you. But bit by bit, with the chase for true happiness, I’ve finally learnt to LOVE my damn curves. 

I DON’T want to fit into society’s need of being a size 8 super insta model. HELL NO! I’ve never wanted to fit in, so why now!? And did you know, that back in the day, it was the curvy women that were considered healthy?🤔I love to eat. I love to try new foods and cultures. I love the naughty foods as much as I love the good foods. I have days were my body wants to stay grounded, and others were I want a bit more exercise. I have NO routine or pressure. I’m simply living my life finally. I can go to a restaurant and be excited to pick ANYTHING from the menu🙈

And right now, finally, I’m starting to find the point were I actually like my body, not just accept it. Because it’s real, unaltered. It’s my home & my shelter. It has stretch marks that show I’ve grown into a women. It has cellulite which I don’t hate. My abs may be gone, but my happiness is back💖

Not everyone’s joy is the typical before & after pic. This is my Happy before & after pic. Women come in all shapes, sizes & colours. There should never be a “one rule fits all”. How boring would earth be if we were all one size & one colour!? 

We’re all beautiful. Whatever size. Whatever colour. Whatever disability. Whatever shape❤️Our size tags do not define our beauty✨

Love, Give, Appreciate


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