Falafel Wrap Heaven

I’m a lover of food. Simple. So today I’m sharing with you a recipe, for a delicious, wholesome wrap. This was so good, but it was rather large, so I split it and had the other half in the evening. You can use shop bought (trusted and pure) falafels, or if you have your own recipe, which is simple, then even better! I used store bought ones, as I was short on time.

This recipe is easy, and is quick, and is filling, and is good for you. The added veggies give the wrap so much texture, and obviously flavor. Plus who doesn’t like to eat rainbows?

Let’s Get Into It

Ingredients (for 1. Up the amount as necessary):

-Tortilla wrap

-3-4 Falafel balls

-1 medium carrot

-1/2 red onion

-1/2 avocado

-1 tbsp hummus

-1 tbsp fig jam

-Fresh salad leaves (a few leaves)

You can add extra veggies like raw peppers, red cabbage, spring onion etc. Keep the veggies raw for a crunchy texture!


Start by preparing your veg. Thinly slice the onion, and set aside. Grate the carrot, and set aside.

Now it get’s too simple. Add the avocado to the base of the tortilla, use a fork to “mash” it up to your desired consistency. Top up with the hummus, and spread evenly. Add the fig jam, and spread all evenly. The sauces may mix together a little bit, which is great.

Layer the onion and carrot. Roughly chop up the falafel balls (I just used my hands) and add to the tortilla. Finally add the fresh salad leaves, and wrap it up!

Start by folding the sides, then roll. Cut in half and enjoy!

*For a warm version, you can slightly grill them on a pan!*

Love, Give, Appreciate



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