Eyelash Lift & Botox: Natcare Beauty Centre

Today is a bit of a different post, because it’s simply about beauty! I know I talk a lot about Arkana Cosmetics, but you’ll find I hardly ever talk makeup kinda stuff. Today is different though, it’s eyelash talk! I know a lot of you out there desire the fullest, curliest lashes, and finding the right mascara can be a journey in it’s self, and not all of us want fake lashes. So then what can we do? Are we bound to have short, straight & lifeless eyelashes? No.

Lash Lift & Botox

There is an awesome new method out in Beauty Salons, to nourish & lift your eyelashes! Making them appear longer, curlier, fuller & healthier! Simply put, it’s the LASH LIFT BOTOX treatment. Now don’t freak out. I know I said “Botox” but there’s no injections going into your eyes any time soon. Phew!

So let me quickly explain what the Lash Lift & Botox is. The lash lift is a keratin enhanced treatment, which does the main part of lifting, adding some colour, volume and overall fuller lash appearance! The Botox part is like a conditioner for your lashes, that extremely nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes your lashes, which when you put together with the lash lift, gives you the ultimate sexy and healthy lash look.

Beautiful Lashes

The procedure takes about 1-1.30hr and is fairly relaxing. I mean you could easily fall and sleep, and wake up with the perfect set of natural, beautiful lashes that are your own! I had my treatment done at our Salon; Natcare Beauty Centre that’s located just outside London. Personally, I’m not a fan of laying still for too long, but the process is much quicker than having 1:1 lashes done, which I’ve previously also had done, and unfortunately didn’t react well to it. Your eyes do remain shut throughout the whole procedure. You can see images during the procedure below.

After the procedure, you cannot wash or wear mascara for 24hrs, after which you can go back to doing everything as you normally do. Now, it’s important to take before and after pictures. Without any eye makeup, sometimes it can be hard to tell just how much volume and lift has been done, but images talk proof. With mine, there was clear lift in images taken straight after! When I finally put mascara on after 24hrs, that’s when I really saw the difference. Unfortunately I did not take pictures, but trust me, I could see a difference and I’m picky with my lashes. If you don’t believe me though, go online and read reviews, I’ve heard so much positive feedback much before I had it done.

Is it for You?

The treatment can last up to 3-4 weeks, and the cost at Natcare is £50, of course this also depends on the location of the Salon.

So now full and volumized lashes are possible! I highly recommend the treatment, and think it is worth it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you’re interested in more posts about treatments from our Salon.

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