Cosy Christmas with the Candle Lion Collection

Christmas Season

YES to the joy of Christmas! It’s creeping upon us oh so quick, and I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m mega excited. I adore this season for everything that it is; family time, peace, joy, festive foods, music, events, cold weather & magical adventures. This season brings so much joy to me and therefore those around me too.

Get Cosy

One thing that happens (for most countries) is the weather gets colder. Hello winter right? It’s something we can’t avoid unless we escape to a warm country for the season, however I do really enjoy the cold weather. It does call for extra heating, fireplaces, hot drinks & fluffy jumpers. BUT the best part is we get to truly enjoy that candle stash we have. During colder seasons, candles have a special ambience, and give off just that bit of extra cosy vibes. The flame, the warmth, the scent…

Candle Heaven

I’m SUPER excited to introduce to you a new brand, offering luxury soy candles: ‘Candle Lion’. The candles not only have some seriously divine scents, they are also soy, proving to be healthier for your environment and burning long & clean. Better yet, I’m in love with the design and style of them. I’m a sucker for rose gold/copper. They suit near enough any household, any room, or even any business space. They have been locally hand poured by a very close family member, giving that extra loving touch to them.

Luxury Scents, Luxury Home

There is a wide array of scents and styles available, including a Christmas scent, perfect for this time of year! Also from the same brand and also hand poured are some awesome Car Perfumes that will not only spice up your car smell, but will add that extra style!

The whole collection is NOW available on my online store. Please feel free to read up about the candles, wax and scents! You can check them out here: STORE

I hope these brighten up your home, and allow for a peaceful, luxuries ambience. Remember to burn candles safely!

Love, Give, Appreciate.


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