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Chocco Dream with Conscious Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers out there! This one’s for you! I’m super excited to be reviewing Conscious Organic Raw Homemade Chocolate.  Mmmm now that’s a yummy review.

Chocolate Dreaming

I myself love healthy chocolate. In fact, I make it myself, and it’s received a lot of positive reviews. I used to even sell it! It is completely delicious, and 100% healthy, vegan and gluten free. So when trying a new chocolate company, they really had to wow me. But Conscious chocolate managed to put a big chocolatey smile on my face!

Let’s start with the fact that Conscious Chocolate is vegan, gluten free and soy free. That’s super important, especially for a lot of vegans that love chocolate, but can’t find many that are dairy free (and delicious)!

Chocolate is for Everyone

Here’s a full list of who can have Conscious Chocolate:

-Free from gluten
-Free from dairy
-Free from soya
-Free from refined sugars
-Low Gi and Gl index
-Suitable for diabetics
-Suitable for vegans
-Suitable for raw foodists
-Suitable for vegetarians
-Suitable for coeliacs
-Made with biodegradable and compostable packaging

How impressive is that!?

The Taste

Now for the most important part, the taste test! With a whole heap of flavors, I didn’t know where to start. But I went for the classic taste, the mint infused chocolate. To start off with, the chocolate itself is of a softer consistency, as is normal with all natural homemade chocolate. Mine is too! Keeping it in the fridge does make it slightly harder, but this consistency is fabulous for desserts or topping on warm porridge. The chocolate flavor itself had the most perfect balance of flavoring and dark chocolate. You can definitely taste the mint, which I love. If you’re flavoring chocolate, it has to be flavored well, and this was. May I also add that a lot of the Conscious chocolate is flavored using essential oils! What a beautiful bonus.

This organic certified Chocolate brand, offers a whole heap of flavors. Check out the range below. I was so interested to see a cranberry and vodka flavor, and loved the addition of cranberry in this one! No limits to this chocolate flavor combo’s.

The Chocolate’s range from £3 for single bars, and you can also buy in 10 packs, because you will want to once you try them. You can check out the whole website, and stockists by visiting Conscious Chocolate website.


Overall, the chocolate is definitely approved by me. I loved the taste, and think this chocolate can be added to so many baking creations, as well as breakfasts! With a huge range of flavors to pick from, they really do cater for everyone. What a perfect gift for your chocco loving friends.

Health coach approved! Guilt free chocolate is possible!


*This post is not sponsored, but Conscious Chocolate did send me their products to taste & review. All opinions and reviews are my own & honest*



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