Blogger Obsession

OK. It’s time to get real. I’ve not come out onto the internet to hide the truths or pretend to be amazing. No way. Actually, I feel like my passion is to do the opposite. To show you the truth, how life can really be sometimes, and most importantly how to bounce back stronger than ever. In today’s blog I want to talk about bloggers obsession. Something I had no idea existed until it hit me.

Blogging World

So a few months back, I decided to take the plunge and start blogging. After being told by a few people I should go for it, and a lot of analyzing I took a risk and went into it. I went into it full swing. Website, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. I told myself I can be successful, and I have to work hard for it. We all know you have to work hard for anything in life. So I did. I created my website in such a speedy time, even I was shocked. There was no time to dilly dally. I decided to make Instagram my main social connection place, as I already use to work on it for Natbeauty & Wellness. I knew the strategies I had to undertake to grow on that platform, and I did them. Daily.

I started working SO hard, that work turned into obsession. Suddenly all my likes and followers starting becoming the definition of success. I had set myself a goal, and would be hugely disappointed if I didn’t reach it. I’d sit on my phone morning, lunch and all evening working up my Instagram. I did this so much, to the point I was getting migraines and I realized my following wasn’t growing as fast as I hoped, but my content was decent. I was baffled but mostly annoyed. At myself!!!

I knew this started to become a unhealthy obsession when I started pushing away a lot of things. I started to become very unsociable, grumpy, irritated, ungrateful and mostly disappointing was that I pushed away, my spiritual practice! Like hell no! That’s when I knew something was up, and I wanted to change that. It took me two attempts to change this. First was a half bothered attempt but fear overtook me. You know, if I let go I’ll loose everything I built kinda fear. Second time I had decent chats with people, and I clarified a lot myself, by simply talking! I did my first meditation, did a angel reading, and just let gooooo. Oh wow did it feel good.

The Likes, the Follows

I told myself, I don’t need to focus on my following or likes, because it’s who I am and my content that speaks volumes. It’s the joy I get from being able to share and connect with like minded beautiful souls that bring me happiness and inspires me. In the midst of it all, I forgot the beauty behind Instagram and blogging. By all means, it’s not a perfect platform, but there are many positives. I’ve connected with fabulous ladies, I’ve enjoyed taking fun snaps, as photography is also a hobby of mine. I’ve been keen to share my health experiences & guide people to live a positive life. All that is good stuff!

It’s not about the likes & followers. It definitely does not defy your success. Having 3k or 300k doesn’t make you any “better”. Sharing positivity and wanting to inspire others to live a healthy life in all aspects is my success. If I can do that,  then that’s all I need. I almost got lost in the world of blogging. I was concerned about brands judging me by my profile. Now I know MY worth. I know I’m happy and don’t need anyone else’s validation.

I continue to share my experiences and tips towards a healthy and happy life. Followers come and go, the ones that want to, will stick, those are the ones I cannot wait to connect with! 50 or 100 likes per photo, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. If it reaches at-least 1 person, that’s success.

As mentioned in my YouTube video, I have no “schedule”, no Instagram “layout”, no certain “rule”. I am simply me, share what life is. I’ve ditched the “what you need to do to be a online blogger” non sense. I connect with you all on a honest and loving basis. Of course if someone doesn’t like that my Instagram hasn’t got consistent photos or my YouTube hasn’t got a schedule, I’m not forcing you to stay. Find people that click with you and feel your vibe. Always.

Love, Give, Appreciate


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