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Arkana Cosmetics

Arkana shares its innovation from 2011. Since that time the company is continually developing and innovating. Many years of experience, expertise in the field of biotechnology and innovative active ingredients make Arkana to propose a new dimension of conscious care. Visible, spectacular effects area visible proof.

The brand takes inspiration for unique ingredients of their cosmetics from satisfaction of Clients and Partners both in Poland and abroad. They are open for cosmetic worldwide news, they carefully follow them and initiate themselves. Carefully selected ingredients reach deeper skin layers, thanks to which Arkana products works on cellular level.

As a first company in Poland, the company introduced peptide Progeline™ which was an international innovation among active ingredients in 2012. Successes like that give Arkana motivation to give Clients new products, which thanks to concentrated active substances will ensure fast and lasting effects, and visible victory in the fight with running time.

Cosmetic products by Arkana do not contain any artificial additives and improving agents such as substances of animal origin, petroleum derivatives, irritating detergents and parabenes. A perfect composition of innovative and active substances makes them bio-compatible with the needs of the most demanding skin.

Arkana Cosmetics does NOT Test on Animals!


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Why I Chose Arkana?

I chose Arkana for many reasons, and picking just one would be a challenge. Firstly, and I would say very importantly, the brand offers a BIO COMPATIBLE formula within their cosmetics. This means they are free from all parabens, silicones, SLS and all things BAD. But, they are also FREE FROM animal products, which is a game changer for me!!!

All this means their products really do use the best ingredients, but they are also effective. We all want to use cosmetics that actually work don’t we? I have tried and tested many of the ranges, some of course I do not yet need to, because I’m still fairly young (woohoo!). But the ones I have tested, have provided me all with different effects. I have also gone through many treatments using Arkana Cosmetics, including my all time favourite; Reti Fusion Peel.

I trust this company. I have met the Founder, and the Arkana team, and they are a team of people driven to give the world the best skincare. They are passionate and dedicated, and this also won me over.

Throughout my work, you will learn more about Arkana, their cosmetics and their treatments. I hope you will fall in love with them, as much as I did and many others all over the world.

Natalia Szyszka with Arkana UK