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Anxiety Free Travelling

A lot of us love seeing the world, going on holidays, starting new adventures and so on. We love taking a break from everyday life, but not all of us love traveling to get to those gorgeous places. I for sure am one of these people, that can get anxious when traveling. My least favourite form of traveling is by plane. The whole journey from wake up to landing can be so stressful and tiring, unless you prepare well!

So in today’s post, I want to touch up on easy and stress free traveling. As I’m away on holiday from Today, I thought I’d share how I keep it cool whilst traveling. I may only being going to Cornwall UK, but it’s still a 4 hour car journey! Not going to lie, I don’t mind that. After years of traveling all around the UK, I’m happy sitting through even 6-8 hours in a car. Heck, I did 13 hours car journey to South of France a few times. Just because I prefer it to plane journeys, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get stressful.

Start Right

Personally, I need a go time for my journeys. I organize the time I need to wake up to get out of the house on time. I allow myself max 1 hour before setting off. I don’t need long to get ready luckily, and I’m near enough all packed day before. All I do before setting off (a.m) is freshen up, light makeup, quick brekkie and pack last minute essentials. I check the best time to set off to get to my destination at a good time. What’s a good time? Not too late. I don’t like wasting my first day traveling, so I set early so that I can still enjoy at least half a day.

I pack for the journey there. One thing that’s super easy with a car journey, is that you can stop off when you near enough want! But I’m a “homemade” kinda gal, so I like to bring some easy homemade baguettes, cereal bars, fruit, water & a book.

Now packing stresses out a lot of people. Not me. Organization is key. I slowly start packing a couple days before, to know what clothes and essentials have been put aside and not to be used before holiday, and avoid getting dirty! I take a big travel bag for my main clothes, because I love to over-pack and have a choice each day, and I take a trusted “bonus” bag. Simply a bag for my extras and essentials that I want by me just in case. On this occasion, I’ll be taking my new beautiful bag from The Pommier that they kindly sent me, which you can check here. It’s ideal having enough storage for everything you want to take, so you don’t have to stress what you cannot take.

Get enough rest for goodness sake! I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to be rested before traveling. I know you can “nap” on the way there if you’re going by plane or are a passenger, but it’s simply not the same. So get a good night’s sleep, and don’t go to bed too late. We all need our beauty sleep.

And lastly, have fun. Enjoy the journey. We all look forward to our “destinations” on holidays and in life in general, but we forget to have fun along the way. The beauty of a fantastic time, and a fantastic life, is to take everything as you go. Time goes by better, when you look outside your car window and admire the beauty within, rather than checking the clock to see how many hours you have left. Trust me, I’ve been there. And this applies to all areas of life, not just your holidays…

Enjoy your trips, holidays, travels, adventures & make memories forever.

Love, Give, Appreciate.


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