About Natalia Szyszka

Hi, I’m Natalia Szyszka and I’m a Certified Holistic Health coach & Arkana UK Ambassador. I share how to remain healthy on the inside & out.

I am all about creating health and well-being in people’s lives. Through aspects of our lives,  spirituality, meditation & self care, you can achieve the most amazing life, full of health and abundance. A healthy life is a beautiful life, and my passion is to drive you to achieve it and free yourself from attaching negativity & self doubt and finding peace.

Most importantly I want to share with you my journey through mental health and my awakening. The things I learnt throughout and continue to learn everyday. My passion is to share how to find peace with life, and know ways in which we can unglue from our mind and just simple exist in truth.

My mission is to make you happy as well as healthy. Health brings major happiness, and without joy and satisfaction our bodies and minds don’t function to it’s full abilities.
I believe your body, mind and soul can be fulfilled and free of worry, judgement & fear.

My Story

So you may be asking how I got to be here? How I started & why I started a healthy journey? Well, it all started in 2012. That was the year I experienced my first break-up and it broke me to absolute pieces. I was in a place I never thought existed. It was dark & empty. I automatically lost my appetite, experienced nausea and night sickness, as well as insomnia. It was most absolutely the toughest time of my life, but also the best. But because I lost all appetite, my weight started to come off, and it was rapid. But I liked it. I liked that I went from a size 14 to a 8/10. So I abused that moment, and started “dieting”. Little did I know, I thought eating hardly anything, and all low fat, was the way to go. In the end I ended up counting all my calories, restricted myself in all aspects of my life, and was close to being underweight. I was truly unhappy and always saw myself as “fat”.

But after getting back with my now boyfriend, and a period of finding myself and being me, I started realizing something was off. I was sick and tired being controlled by food and mental issues. I wanted to be better. So I started to get interested in real nutrition, and along came ‘IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition’. I enrolled. My first big money gamble. But boy did it pay off. It was the BEST experience of my life, and it shaped me on so many levels of my life, including health, mentality, career & confidence. I  found my drive & my passion.

My Experience

During my transition to a real and honest healthy life, I experienced both under eating as well as binge eating. It taught me a lot about food, body image & mental health. It taught me to love my body, to fuel it like its a temple not a garbage bin, to beam with love for myself as well as others.

It’s a constant journey, there are still temptations and set backs, but my journey has shown me so much that I can’t ignore.

Beauty & Me

I am also an Arkana UK Ambassador, which I am very passionate about. Arkana UK is my 2nd business that I run full time. I believe being healthy also needs to reflect on the outside, and that’s our skin! How healthy is your skin? It is absolutely essential to love & care for your skin daily, and as someone who uses Arkana Cosmetics, I can say my skin has come a long way, and I am so happy with it. Now I want the same for you.

Join Me

So join me & get to know me. Ask any questions you may have. Say hello, and let’s get that health journey going.