Natalia Szyszka

About me

I’m Natalia and I’m a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Through my own struggles with anxiety, mental health, and a significant breakdown at 25, I’ve gained invaluable insight into the importance of self-contemplation, inner peace, and wellness. Now, I specialize in teaching others how to navigate their own mental health, nutrition, and skincare journeys within the wellness circle to create their best life.

As the driving force behind my brand, I’m dedicated to illuminating a path unbound by the constraints of the mind. From meditations and videos to ebooks and curated products, I offer a wealth of resources to empower you to transcend fear, stress, and anxiety, guiding you toward a state of unconditional happiness and tranquility.

Drawing from the wisdom of Self-Contemplation, I share transformative teachings aimed at helping you rediscover your truest self and reclaim your birthright to peace and freedom. This space serves as a sanctuary—a refuge where we liberate ourselves from limitation and embrace the full spectrum of human experience with unwavering acceptance and equanimity to build our wellness inspired life.

In addition to mental health and wellness, I am passionate about skincare and nutrition. I believe that true wellness encompasses a holistic approach, which includes caring for both the body and the mind. Through personalized coaching and guidance, I help individuals understand the vital role that skincare and nutrition play in their overall well-being. From recommending nourishing foods to advising on effective skincare routines, I empower my clients to cultivate a lifestyle that promotes not only physical health but also mental and emotional balance.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and wellness. Explore my website, podcast, YouTube channel, and social media platforms to immerse yourself in a wealth of teachings, techniques, and shared experiences. Together, let’s embark on a voyage toward profound self-realization and a healthy lifestyle that suits YOU. Where open discussions and controversial topics are welcome, and where you can find a safe place to be yourself and reconnect with what health and peace truly mean to you..

My story

When I share my story, I want you to understand that while it may resonate with you, it’s also unique to my own journey. Each of us walks a path that’s distinctly our own, shaped by our experiences, beliefs, and aspirations. It’s important to recognize this distinction and refrain from attaching too closely to anyone else’s experiences. Instead, view them as lessons, inspirations, and catalysts for shifting perspectives.

My journey toward enlightenment resembled a roller coaster ride, marked by exploration of various communities and ideologies. I firmly believe that each encounter along the way was purposeful, guiding me to where I stand today.

In 2019, the last three months of the year proved to be a pivotal turning point for me. I had been pushing myself relentlessly, striving to heal and evolve. I was conditioned to believe that I must constantly fix myself, that my identity was defined by my thoughts, and that I needed to conform to a certain mold.

For as long as I can remember, I yearned to shed my shyness and overcome my anxiety. I convinced myself that being introverted was a flaw, incompatible with roles such as business owner, partner, future parent, or friend. I envisioned a future where confidence flowed effortlessly, where I exuded an air of nonchalance. Little did I know that my transformation would unfold in ways I never anticipated.

Natalia Szyszka happiness

As the anticipation of a significant social event loomed, I found myself descending into a whirlwind of self-analysis, dissecting every aspect of my life and thoughts. This relentless introspection led me to a dark abyss—a place of profound pain and isolation. For approximately three agonizing months, I grappled with intense energy, physical illness, and inner turmoil.

The initial phase was the toughest. Plagued by insomnia, I slept a mere two hours a day and subsisted on a single orange. Tears became a daily ritual as I found myself confined to my bed, gripped by fear and uncertainty. Despite the unwavering support of my family and friends, I recognized that this was a journey I needed to travel alone. In the solitude of my struggle, I began to discern a deeper purpose behind my suffering. While unsure of when—or if—it would ever end, I made a conscious decision to reclaim control from the clutches of my mind.

In the depths of despair, I turned to the teachings of Non-duality and Satsangs, seeking solace and clarity. It was within these profound insights, shared by luminaries such as Nitya and Moji, that I experienced transformative “AHA” moments. With each revelation, I found myself inching closer to my true essence, engaging in contemplation and gradually shedding the belief that my thoughts defined reality. Through detachment, I began to glimpse the boundless nature of my being, transcending the confines of the physical realm.

There were no shortcuts. No guarantees. No lists of tasks to check off. No prescribed path to healing. No set of rules to follow.

I simply had to be. Right here, right now. I had to reconnect with my truth.

Slowly, I began to find solace and even a strange comfort in discomfort. I started to let go of the hold that the past and future had on me. The fog began to lift.

After months of allowing myself to truly connect with MYSELF, I realized my purpose: to continue my journey through life and share its lessons with you.

Even now, I still face struggles, pain, and fears. But today, I can tap into that place within me where pure peace resides, where everything falls into place, and where nothing can touch me. This is the gift I wish for all of us.

Through the crucible of pain and illness, by facing my fears and embracing stillness, I unearthed a fundamental truth.

We are all here, in this moment, always. Beyond the noise of our thoughts and the distractions of the material world, we exist in a state of eternal peace.

Skin care

In addition to my role as a holistic health and wellness coach, I am honored to be the Managing Director and Ambassador for Arkana UK—a role that ignites my passion for skincare and outer well-being.

Arkana UK is more than just another business venture; it’s a platform through which I advocate for the importance of skin health in our overall wellness journey. As someone who understands firsthand the transformative power of skincare, I am deeply committed to helping others achieve radiant, healthy skin.

At Natcare Beauty Cosmetology Centre, we offer professional treatments tailored to your unique skincare needs. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality care and treatments to help you look and feel your best.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, your true wellness and transformation. Whether you have questions, need advice, or simply want to say hello, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Together, let’s embark on the path to holistic wellness and radiant skin.