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About me

I’m Natalia and I’m a Life Motivator, Creator and Entrepreneur.

My expertise is to guide people to live a life filled with peace and freedom. As a Life Motivator my aim is to show you life free from control of the mind, anxiety, and in abundance of our true intuition. As a Creator I support your journey through interactive products and services.  

I share with you how to live life in the most natural & innate way, dealing with the mind, emotions and all our ups and downs. I share the teachings of Non-Duality, Satsang & Self Contemplation. 

My passion is to help others reconnect to their peace, rediscover their truest self & live life in freedom. I help people release the need for control & living in fear, stress & anxiety.

I offer meditations, videos, ebooks and products that help us detach from the mind and ultimately free us from living in fear. Through my teachings I guide you to your natural state of peace and help you live life in unconditional happiness and peace.

My passion in life is to be able to help people see this about themselves again, to not be prisoners of the mind. To live in harmony is freedom.

I share how to look at life from the perspective of neutrality, and finding peace in all situations. I do not want to in-still any theories, ideologies, philosophies, I am simply guiding you back to your inner home. 

This space was created to free ourselves from anything that limits us from truly existing in our right of peace and freedom. 

I want to show you how we can live with both the ” good” and the “bad” in life and have full acceptance of our experiences.

Over on my website, podcast, YouTube and social media you can learn all my teachings, techniques and experience.

My story

When sharing my story, I want you to remember it may relate to you, but it also may not. Your journey is yours, and it will always differ somehow. Please try to see this like that, and do not attach to anyone’s experiences. Use them as lessons, inspirations and ways of differing perspective.

My journey to enlightenment was like a roller coaster. I had dipped my feet into many communities and ideology based teachings, and I wholeheartedly believe they were meant for me at that time so that they could lead me here today. 

In the year of 2019, the last 3 months of the year were a complete turning point for myself. I had been pushing myself and pressuring myself to be better, to heal & to do “the work”. I was conditioned to believing that I must always fix myself, that I am the thoughts I think and that I need to be someone else. 

My lifelong aim was to be more confident and rid off my anxiety. I believed my shyness & being more of an introvert was simply wrong. I couldn’t exist as a business owner, partner, future parent or friend being like this. 

I dreamed of waking up one day and having this surge of confidence and ‘do not care’ attitude. Well, I got it but in a completely different way than I thought.

Natalia Szyszka
Natalia Szyszka happiness

During the build up to a big social event I was due to attend, I spiraled and started heavily analyzing myself, my life & my thoughts. This lead me to a breaking point. A dark bottom. A place of sincere pain and loneliness. I experienced around 3 months of heavy energy, physical sickness & turmoil. 

The first 3 months were the hardest. I had insomnia everyday, I slept for about 2 hours a day. I ate an orange a day. I cried systematically everyday. I was pretty much bed bound. I was terrified. I was alone with no one but myself, my true self. Who is this ME? 

Don’t get me wrong, my family and friends were by me all the time with incredible support, but this was something I needed to do by myself. I started to intuitively understand that there is a purpose behind my current state. I didn’t know what or when it would stop, if ever! But I trusted in the pain, and decided enough was enough. The mind must no longer manipulate my true essence. 

I started getting interested in the teaching of Non-duality and Satsangs. I found huge “AHA” moments through the teachings of Nitya, Moji and more. I was discovering my true self. I was contemplating. I was most importantly detaching from believing the thoughts are real, and knowing I exist beyond the body.

There was no quick fix. 
There was no promise. 
There was no “to do’s”.
There was no healing needed.
There was no rules. 

I just had to be. Right here right now. I had to get back to my truth. 

I started to find peace and comfort in the discomfort. I started diminishing the belief in existence of the past & future. The fog was lifting. 

After months of allowing myself to connect to MYSELF, I knew my calling was to continue my journey of life & share it with you. 

To this day I struggle, I hurt, I fear. But today I can find that place within me that is pure peace, and where everything makes sense, where nothing can touch me. This is what I want for us all.

Through my journey of pain & illness, confronting my fears, staying still and not running, I discovered the truth. 

We are all consistently here, right now. Beyond all thoughts and materialistic objects, we exist in peace, always.

Natalia Szyszka and Małgosia Szyszka
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So join me & get to know me. Ask any questions you may have. Say hello, and let’s get that journey of life going.