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My passion is to share all things Spirituality & Law of attraction with you. I love sharing tips and information on how to live positively each day, attract wealth and abundance as well as heal from within. Through my own experiences, I also share how my body & mind have been through spiritual awakenings & healing. I believe there are no limits to our manifestations. We can absolutely achieve anything in life, and I love to share how small & big steps can be taken to create a more positive life. As a community we can create a space filled with love, inspiration, kindness and magic. Don’t forget to connect me on my social media channels, and feel free to email me with any queries! You can also join me & share your experiences in my Facebook group: Natalia Szyszka – Spiritual Shop.

Unique Items


I do my best at all times to only share and sell the best quality items, sourced within UK in my Spiritual Store. I love my crystal pieces to be unique, and also items that I know will connect with all of you. Each piece of crystal is different in it’s own way. I always highly recommend you cleanse your piece after recieving it, so that it can adjust to your energy and serve you best. You can also find other spiritual items to help you along your life path. Included are incense sticks, essential oils, crystal jewellery & more. I am constantly striving to find more beautiful & unique pieces to share with you.

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