Finding the truth within life


Welcome to my World!

My purpose here and on this planet is to experience life & share as much of my observations & feelings as possible! At times that may even mean breaking the norm and boundaries of what society likes us to see. We have learnt a whole heap of unecessary and altering habits from birth, and now I’m learning to unlearn absolutely everything I’ve learnt. Discovering life from new perpsectives, seeing & feeling nature, connecting to everything, tuning into to love & just being! Join my journey if you want to learn how live life freely, to accept the bad as much as the good and ultimately to start feeling peace.

Crystal World


I am absolutely crystal crazy & love to share my crystal love with you all. I used to run a successful online crystal shop allowing others to enjoy the beauty and magic of crystals with me. Now, I do my best to share crystals & favourite crystal shops with you. To learn more, follow my journey into the magical world of crystals, meditation & rituals…